NBC4 Special SSFL Investigation

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New NBC4 Investigation Exposes Offsite SSFL Contamination


Dan Hirsch Testifies Before Senate Environment Committee on Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant


CBG issues 2014 Annual Report

Diablo 2

50 Years of Power; 500,000 Years of Radioactive Waste

Danger Radioactive

CBG’s Annual News Letter! 2015 Edition

In this edition we discuss the slow moving progress to clean up the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.  We also look at other big nuclear stories of 2015, including revelations that the EPA’s radiation monitoring system is “broken” and the significant risk an earthquake would pose if it were to strike near the . . . Read more

CBG & Other Groups Oppose EPA’s Proposed Huge Increase in Permissible Radioactivity in Drinking Water

Read the group letter by clicking here.


On December 5, 2015, OMB received for review from the US EPA proposed changes to its Protective Action Guides (PAGs) for responding to radiological releases. Press reports indicate that the proposals would markedly increase the levels of allowable radioactive contaminants in drinking . . . Read more

ATSDR Rejects Petition to Repudiate SSFL Health Studies, Cleanup

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) announced on December 7th that it will reverse course on plans to get involved at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL).

The announcement comes after months of public outcry over ATSDR’s prior decision to accept a petition that asked the agency to repudiate studies . . . Read more

CBG & Other Organizations Oppose Petitions to NRC to Relax Radiation Protections and Declare Radiation Good For You

Read the letters here:

Comments to NRC Opposing Hormesis Petitions for Rulemaking

NRDC & CBG Comments LNT Docket 19 Nov 2015 . . . Read more

Stand-down order at San Onofre questioned

The plant is closed. but radioactive material remains

The San Diego Union Tribune Reports . . . Read more

Edison Never Told Federal Regulators Of San Onofre Equipment Design Flaw

KPBS reports here.

. . . Read more

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NBC4 SSFL Investigation – LA’s Nuclear Secret

NBC4 has revealed the results of a year long investigation into the Santa Susana Field Laboratory! The first two segments of the investigation, LA’s Nuclear Secret aired on September 21 and 22.

The NBC4 investigation will also be screened at the SSFL Work Group meeting on Thursday September 24, followed by discussion with . . . Read more

Acorn Letters to the Editor: SSFL cleanup should continue

Published in the Acorn, read the letters to the editor here. . . . Read more

Feds Are Trying To Break Their Promise On SSFL

From the Acorn editorial page.  Click here. . . . Read more

Fired regulator: Governor Brown (CA) pushed to waive oil safeguards.

The Associated Press reports here. . . . Read more

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