New Hunters Point Reports Released


Report 1: Hunters Point Naval Shipyard: The Nuclear Arms Race Comes Home

Report 2: The Great Majority of Hunters Point Sites Were Never Sampled for Radioactive Contamination — And the Testing That Was Performed Was Deeply Flawed

Hunters Point Community Presentation 10-18-18

Earlier Reports:

Critique of the California Department of Public Health Work Plan for a Partial Gamma Survey of Parcel A-1 Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Attachment – CBG Detailed Comments on Parcel G Retesting Work Plan

Critique of the Work Plan for Retesting of Parcel G Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Critique of the Navy’s Draft Five Year Review  

Navy’s Hunters Point retesting plan draws on questionable cost-cutting study


The SF Chronicle reports:

The U.S. Navy’s latest promise to clean up radioactive soil and buildings at its former San Francisco shipyard relies on an earlier Navy effort to remove less radioactivity in order to cut costs, The Chronicle has learned.