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CBG Mourns Death of Long-time Board Member Mildred Plotkin

Millie Plotkin, who served on Bridge the Gap’s Board and was one of our mainstays for more than three decades, died peacefully in her sleep on October 16. She was a remarkable person, feisty and progressive, a perfect match for her husband Shel, to whom our hearts and thoughts go out.

Elected Officials Pressure Boeing to Cleanup SSFL

After the historic announcement that NASA and DOE have agreed to clean up portions of SSFL, the Boeing Company is coming under intense pressure by public officials to agree to clean up the facility to the same stringent cleanup standards that both federal agencies have agreed to abide by.

Click here to view the letter presented to Boeing by elected officials.

Congressman Brad Sherman hands a letter signed by elected officials, and addressed to the head of Boeing, to a security guard at SSFL. The letter calls on Boeing to stop obstructing the cleanup and to join with DOE and

SSFL Nuclear Cleanup Deal Reached

After 30 years of debate, a federal lawsuit, the passage of a state law, and congressional inquiries, a breakthrough agreement has been reached to cleanup portions of the SSFL facility to heightened EPA standards. On being asked by reporters to comment on the deal struck between regulators, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and NASA, CBG’s Dan Hirsch called the agreement “extraordinary.” Hirsch went on to say that “It’s the biggest news since the meltdown. It’s the culmination of decades of work to get the contamination cleaned up.”

The agreement with DOE will lead to the cleanup of Area 4, …

Bake Sale For Boeing!

(With video.) February, 2010: Teens Against Toxins, a group of high school students alarmed by the Boeing Company’s refusal to clean up the radioactive and toxic contamination at its Santa Susana Field Lab near where they live, recently held a bake-sale to raise money to be donated to the Boeing Company, which claims a state-ordered cleanup would be a financial burden. The bake sale featured Chocolate Meltdowns and other nuclear-themed treats. The purpose was to raise funds for Boeing, which is suing to avoid complying with a state-ordered cleanup of toxic waste resulting from a 1959 nuclear meltdown at the …

CBG, Sierra Club, NIRS Comments on NRC Proposed Revisions to Radiation Standards

At the heart of what should be the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s prime mission is protection of the public and nuclear workers from exposure to radiation. Unfortunately, current NRC radiation protection regulations allow exposures at levels so high that its own official excess risk estimates associated with the permissible radiation doses generally exceed by orders of magnitude allowable risks for any other carcinogen. The NRC’s radiation protection standards are desperately in need of being markedly tightened.

Read the full Rad Comments by clicking here.(.pdf)…

CBG Leads Effort to Get Obama EPA to Block Pending Proposals to Relax Radiation Protections

A whole range of proposals left over from the Bush Administration to markedly relax standards for radiation protection remain pending before the new leadership at EPA. In August, CBG led an effort by numerous groups to get the new leadership at EPA to reverse these proposals; see our letter and supporting materials here.

In November, CBG’s Dan Hirsch led a delegation to an extraordinary meeting with three Assistant Administrators at EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C., to press them to block carryover efforts to allow markedly increased radiation exposures of the public. Dan’s PowerPoint presentation to EPA about these very …