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Three New Reports Released on Hunters Point Shipyard

Navy Broke Promise to Clean Up Contamination, Covering It Up Instead

Rather than cleaning up the contamination at the troubled Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, the Navy is leaving much of it in place and merely covering it with a thin layer of soil or asphalt, according to a new report by a team led by Daniel Hirsch, retired Director of the Program on Environmental and Nuclear Policy at UC Santa Cruz.  Such covers would be ineffective at protecting the public from the contamination, as shown in companion papers by Dr. William Bianchi, a soil physicist and retired Director of a …

SSFL: This Secret Gave Her Daughter Cancer

From Melissa Bumstead:

I started my petition in a moment of desperation, and have been in constant awe of the support I’ve received after sharing the story of the Santa Susana Field Lab.

Today, I get to tell our story in a short documentary produced by Please watch it and see how important your support has been to our community.

After, I hope you’ll take a minute to share this video with your friends so we can blow this story out of the water. Because all children deserve to grow up safe, and healthy.
Watch the video now
Thank …

San Onofre Update

On December 2, 1942, the first high level nuclear waste in the world was created. Three quarters of a century later there is still no permanent repository for such waste. We created immensely dangerous stuff with no thought as to how to safely dispose of it.

Irradiated nuclear fuel is among the most toxic materials on earth. The waste has to be isolated from the human environment for about half a million years, a period longer than our existence as a species. Our government has existed for a mere 230 years. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been around for about …