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NBC4 Investigates Potential Offsite SSFL Contamination

On Tuesday November 9, NBC4 aired a new installment in its investigation of the contamination at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory. “LA’s Nuclear Secret: Camp Cover-Up” revealed new documents regarding contaminants from SSFL that have migrated to the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, location of a year-round children’s camp. A follow up to that investigation ran on November 19, revealing more information about the contamination.

The investigations can be viewed below, and NBC4 has created dedicated webpages with additional information on the investigation:

The exploration into SSFL contamination …

NBC4 SSFL Investigation – LA’s Nuclear Secret

NBC coverNBC4 has revealed the results of a year long investigation into the Santa Susana Field Laboratory! The first two segments of the investigation, LA’s Nuclear Secret aired on September 21 and 22.

The NBC4 investigation will also be screened at the SSFL Work Group meeting on Thursday September 24, followed by discussion with KNBC investigative reporter Joel Grover. producer Matthew Glasser, and community members and former workers featured in the investigation. Pete Noyes, veteran Los Angeles newsman and producer of the NBC series in 1979 reported by Warren Olney that first disclosed the partial meltdown at SSFL, will speak about …