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PG&E to close Diablo Canyon, California’s last nuclear power plant

PG&E announced that it will phase out by 2025 Diablo Canyon, the last operational nuclear power plant in California, and replace its power with renewables and efficiency.

As part of the closure plan, PG&E will phase out power production at Diablo Canyon by 2025 and phase in renewable energy to fill the resulting need for energy.  While widely hailed as a “blueprint” for the closure of nuclear power plants across the country, we must still be mindful that Diablo Canyon, located near several active earthquake fault lines, will continue to pose a danger until it ceases operation.

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CBG’s Annual News Letter! 2015 Edition

In this edition we discuss the slow moving progress to clean up the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.  We also look at other big nuclear stories of 2015, including revelations that the EPA’s radiation monitoring system is “broken” and the significant risk an earthquake would pose if it were to strike near the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.  And of course, we are only able to bring you these stories and push for nuclear reform with help from people like you.  Please donate today.

Read the newsletter in pdf format by clicking the link: CBG_AnnualNewsletter15Winter_Fweb