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Extraordinary AP Series on NRC Lax Regulations of U.S. Nuclear Safety

This series of articles by AP reporters discuss the loosening of safety rules for aging nuclear reactors, the the presence of radioactive tritium leaks at 48 US nuke sites, US nuclear evacuation plans that are outdated and inadequate, and how long nuclear reactors are designed to last.

Bush EPA Attempts Relaxation of Radiation Protections As It Leaves Office

02/13/2009 Result:Obama Administration Withdraws Action Before it is Published in Federal Register

Victory! Obama Administration pulls back last-minute radiation regulation relaxation by Bush Administration, days before publication in the Federal Register. The regulation would have relaxed drinking water standards for radiation by factors of hundreds to millions. Fight not over. EPA reviewing the standards; could still issue them. Write EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, congratulate her on pulling back these horrid standards and urge her to permanently block their issuance. MORE . . .

  • Read CBG/PEER news release and CBG study, which shows the astronomical increases in permissible exposures,

California Nuke initiative Bites the Dust

November 19 2008 – A proposed ballot measure to revoke California’s nuclear safeguards law — which prohibits new reactors until and unless there is a permanent solution to the high level radioactive waste disposal problem — was withdrawn from circulation by its sponsor on November 19. Bridge the Gap and other groups had worked hard to fight efforts to place the initiative on the ballot, forcing a recognition that its chances of passage were dismal. “This reversal may represent the beginning of the end for nuclear advocates pushing for a revival of this terribly dangerous technology,” said CBG’s Dan Hirsch.…