Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation from “SmartMeters”


February 11, 2011 — A recent report from the California Council on Science and Technology, requested by state legislators to assess potential risks from RF radiation from “SmartMeters” (new electric meters being installed on homes to broadcast energy usage), largely just cut and pasted claims from a recent brochure from the electric power industry, a CBG review discloses. Furthermore, because of two errors, the report appears to underestimate relative RF cumulative whole body exposures by a factor of approximately ten thousand, the CBG analysis indicates.

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CBG, NIRS, Sierra Club Critique “Non-Protective” NRC Radiation Standards


February 10, 2011 — NRC radiation standards allow workers to be exposed to radiation at levels that will cause cancer in a quarter of those exposed, according to the federal government’s own official estimates, CBG and two other organizations disclosed in a February 10 report. Furthermore, NRC radiation limits for the public allow cancer risks one hundred times higher than permitted for any other carcinogen, the report indicates.

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Simi Valley Moms Work to Cleanup Radioactive Neighborhood


Click the post title to watch a video regarding the hard work of Simi Valley citizens fighting to cleanup a radioactive neighborhood.

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CBG Files Amicus Brief In Nuclear Cleanup Case


Boeing Had Sued California to Block Cleanup Law for Meltdown Site.  Bridge the Gap, the S. Calif. Federation of Scientists, Physicians for Social Responsibility-LA, and the Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition, represented by Loyola Law School Environmental Law Professor Dan Selmi, filed an amicus brief supporting California’s position in a lawsuit brought by Boeing to block SB990, the state law governing cleanup of the contaminated Santa Susana Field Lab. Click here to read the brief, here for the exhibits, and here for the motion to be admitted as an amicus. Read the state’s brief here.

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Historic Cleanup Agreement Reached for Former Nuclear Facility in Southern California


State and federal governments signed agreements today to clean up toxic contamination at SSFL, a former nuclear reactor and rocket testing facility in the hills overlooking the western San Fernando and Simi Valleys. The cleanup agreements were lauded by CBG and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). CBG, NRDC, and nearby communities worked together for decades to ensure a thorough cleanup.

Read CBG’s press release here.

Read the State of California’s press release here.

Read DOE’s press release here.

Read Assemblywoman Brownley’s press release here.

Read Senator Pavley’s press release here.…

Overwhelming Support for SSFL Cleanup Agreements


An unprecedented 1,700+ comments were received on the Agreements-in-Principle for the cleanup of the Department of Energy (DOE) and NASA portions of the Santa Susana Field Lab, the contaminated nuclear and rocket testing facility, with supporters outnumbering those with questions and criticisms by 100 to 1. In a move that has created some frustration in the community, however, DOE has requested a second comment period, this time on the detailed legalese in the Administrative Order on Consent that puts the Agreement-in-Principle into a legally binding and enforceable form. The community has so long yearned for the cleanup to commence that …